Is Cheryl Secretly Worrying About Her And Liam Payne’s Relationship?

The former Girls Aloud singer is reportedly 'nervous' about boyfriend Liam Payne's upcoming album promo tour, if the rumours about her expecting a child are true...

With rumours about Cheryl’s pregnancy amping up after several sightings of her and Liam Payne over the past few weeks, it’s being reported that Cheryl is feeling ‘nervous’.

But not about what you might think (aka. reportedly gearing up to give birth to her first child, which is scary enough).

Nope, the former Girls Aloud star is allegedly worried about boyfriend Liam Payne, and how his work could affect how much free time he has.

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Great few days with @pharrell pleasure working with you as always ???

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‘Cheryl’s been a recluse over the past few months’, a source reportedly has toldĀ Closer. ‘She’s refused to socialise with most of her pals and isn’t drinking. Instead, she’s been spending lots of time with her best friend Kimberly [Walsh], who is due to give birth to her second baby later this year.’

‘Cheryl’s never been one to embrace the limelight when she’s not working, but her recent hibernation is her most extreme yet. It’s clear that something is up as she’s refused to even attend friends’ birthday parties, and most days she won’t leave the house as she complains of feeling under the weather – which has also forced her to cancel work commitments.’

‘She’s told pals she feels constantly exhausted and nauseous, which is why she’s been laying low’, the source added.

Cheryl and Liam Payne

And being partnered up with an extremely famous popstar who is wanted around the world is reportedly why Cheryl is said to be worried.

‘Cheryl is terrified that she’s going to be left home alone with the baby, while Liam travels the world promoting his album – which is something he’s assured her won’t happen as he insists they’ll work around it’, the source added.

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Cheryl has opened up about her and Liam’s plans…

‘Liam insists he’s ready for the challenge, but Cheryl is feeling fragile and can’t help worrying that Liam is too young; she worries about big changes happening at a crucial time in his career.’

However, the insider added that Liam has since ‘reassured’ Cheryl that whilst he may be young, he’s fully prepared to become a dad.

We still wait with baited breath to see if Cheryl or Liam will confirm the baby rumours. Watch this space…