Wait. Did Cheryl’s Mum Just Confirm That She Is ‘Pregnant’…?!

Chezza's mum Joan has been photographed shopping in Mothercare. And it's only fuelling *those* rumours...

Rumours have continued to run amok about Cheryl and Liam Payne’s supposed ‘baby’ news.

Yup. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past couple of months, you’ll have heard all about those ‘pregnancy’ rumours.

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Cheryl has been keeping a pretty low profile of late, but when she emerged as part of L’Oreal’s latest Ad campaign, fans were quick to gush about her healthy ‘glow’, only adding fuel to that fire.

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Then, the pop singer’s PR agency shared a snap with a very strategic-looking crop at her belly.


We can see why fans’ tongues have kept on wagging.

And now, it appears that Cheryl’s mum Joan Callaghan has been caught shopping in Mothercare.


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In photographs that have been doing the rounds on the internet, and have been published by The Sun, the 57-year-old can be seen buying a pregnancy pillow, apparently at the at the Silverlink branch in Newcastle.

What’s more, an eyewitness reportedly told The Sun: ‘She was asking the assistant for advice about another kind that she wanted, more of a wedge which you can put under your bump when it’s quite big to help take the weight.’


I miss you!…the things you make me do?? home soon!

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Now, there’s nothing to say that Chezza’s mum wasn’t just buying a gift for a pregnant friend, but we’re sure that this is going to do nothing to silence the rumours that are flying around the internet right now.

Neither Liam or Cheryl have confirmed or denied the speculation, but we’ll be watching this one closely…