What’s Actually Going On Between Cheryl And Boyfriend Liam Payne?

There has been some horrible rumours of an impending 'split' - and fans are worried.

You might have seen reports over the weekend claiming that Cheryl, 34, and Liam Payne, 24, could be ‘about to split’ – leaving concerned fans questioning what’s going on between them.

So, where have these rumours come from?

According to a report which was published in the Mail on Sunday, the long-distance that has been brought about by the success of Liam’s solo career has put a ‘strain’ on the relationship, leaving both of them ‘devastated.’

Cheryl and Liam Payne

Cheryl and Liam have a son together

‘It’s very sad – they tried very hard to make it work…

‘They’re desperate to make a go of it but it’s absolutely on the rocks,’ a source is reported to have claimed.

There’s still no official response from either Cheryl or Liam, but new reports are claiming that they still ‘care for each other’ and that they’re ‘seeing if they can make things work.’

‘They haven’t split but have addressed the fact they have work to do on the relationship and both want to work things out,’ an insider allegedly told The Sun On Sunday.

Cheryl and Liam Payne

Their son Bear’s first birthday is in March…

‘He is away a lot. She knew he would be away a lot for work but the actual reality is tough.

‘She also wants to get back to work so that comes into it as well. They have a child together so have been trying to make it work for some time.’

The source reportedly added: ‘There hasn’t been a big falling out or anything like that. They hope there is a way forward and that’s what they’ve been discussing.’

Fans are holding out hope that this is all just speculation and that the pair are still going strong.

One fan account tweeted: ‘We’ve been receiving a lot of direct messages and just to make it clear we will not be commenting on anything in the media unless there is comment from a representative, we support Cheryl and Liam both as a couple and individually…’

‘LIAM AND CHERYL ARE HAPPY SO LEAVE THEM ALONE,’ a supporter of the pair wrote.

A third fan tweet read: ‘‘It’s a load of rubbish anyway. Cheryl is a very private person. Leave Cheryl and Liam alone!’

We’ll be waiting to hear from the couple themselves.