Cheryl And Liam Payne Have Already Collaborated On A Song Together

Kept that one quiet, didn't they?

Cheryl and Liam Payne have had one hell of a busy few months, what with moving in together and reportedly preparing to welcome their very first ‘baby’ into the world and all.

But whilst everyone’s been assuming that the big secret they’ve been hiding is Cheryl’s ‘pregnancy’, turns out they’ve actually got another one. Because guys, Cheryl and Liam have already worked on a song together.


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Yep, the sneaky couple have actually secretly collaborated, and no one seemed to notice.

In fact, fans only realised the couple’s secret thanks to Liam’s recently verified Spotify profile, which hinted that his solo material could be arriving very soon.

On the 23-year-old’s profile, it states the songs Liam has previously worked on as a solo artist. And look! There’s Cheryl.


The listing for Cheryl’s I Don’t Care (The Remixes) is on Liam’s profile, and his remix of the 2014 hit is there under the title I Don’t Care – Payno vs Afterhrs Remix.

And back in 2014, Cheryl even thanked Liam on Twitter for the remix, tweeting: ‘Thanks Payno I love it’ with a kissing emoji.

We can’t wait to see what other musical hook-ups these two might have up their sleeve… Bring it on.