Cheryl And Liam Payne Are Officially Bad Neighbours, And Here’s Why

Well, this is the most unexpected story we've heard about Cheryl and Liam this week...

Cheryl and Liam Payne are officially bad neighbours. Who would have thought?

Earlier this week, Liam shared a snap from inside his and Cheryl’s beautifully decorated home during a Twitter Q&A with his fans, confirming our suspicions that this couple would have one of the swankiest pads in showbiz.

But despite their gorgeous furnishings, it seems that Liam and Cheryl are putting off their neighbours for the most unglamorous reason…

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liam payne house

Liam shared a photo of his and Cheryl’s cosy home…

Yep, according to The Sun, the famous couple are having some major plumbing issues right now, and let’s just say that the consequences are less than pleasant.

‘The smell reeked of rotten eggs that left a taste in your mouth when you walk past’, a neighbour reportedly told publication. ‘Plumbers were trying to get to the root of the problem last week and neighbours were hoping it could be done quick. It was thoroughly unpleasant.’

Eep. That’s certainly no condition for a ‘pregnant’ beauty to be living in… We hope they’ve managed to get this sorted, stat.

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Of course, the other big Cheryl and Liam news is that neither of them have yet officially confirmed that they’re expecting a baby yet. In fact, during Liam’s recent Twitter Q&A, he pretty much did anything to avoid answering the burning question on every fan’s lips.

Despite being inundated with questions like ‘Is Cheryl Pregnant? #askliam’ and ‘When is the baby due? #askliam’, the One Direction star still managed to answer every question but that one.

He’s a sneaky one, is our Liam.