Has Cheryl Already Given Birth To Her And Liam Payne’s Baby?

Rumours are swirling on Twitter that Cheryl may have already welcomed her first child into the world...

Cheryl and Liam Payne have so far done a totally excellent job of keeping their rumoured ‘baby’ news a secret – but some fans think they’ve sussed something out.

It was only last November that we saw Cheryl proudly parading her ‘bump’ at a carol concert in London, leading most people to believe that she was expecting, and definitely some months along.

And now, rumours are swirling on Twitter that she may have given birth already… WE KNOW.

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After speculation that Cheryl must have been about ‘8 months’ pregnant before Christmas, fans are now claiming that the former Girls Aloud star has already welcomed her and Liam’s first child into the world.

‘Cheryl has had a baby girlโ€ฆ congrats @cherylofficial’, one confident fan tweeted.

โ€˜Has Cheryl already had the baby?!โ€™ asked another.

Whilst nothing’s been confirmed, it is clear that Cheryl and her One Direction beau are well and truly smitten right now.

The couple shared a super cute Christmas message on the 25th December using the elf Snapchat filter and writing: ‘โ€˜Merry Christmas from our families to yours. Hope youโ€™ve have a great day.โ€™

Days later an excited Cheryl looked ahead to the New Year, uploading another selfie with the caption: โ€˜Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead. Live, love, laugh and learn.โ€™

Baby or no baby, we’re so pleased to see our Chezza looking so bright.