Cheryl & Liam Show Off A New Addition To Their ‘Family’

Cheryl and Liam have just got a brand new puppy, and it’s safe to say that the whole thing is just TOO adorable.

Not only is the little pup one of the cutest we’ve ever clapped eyes on (we mean, just look how tiny it is!), but Chezza’s caption put the biggest smile on our faces.



Taking to Instagram to introduce her fans to their furry friend, the pop princess wrote: ‘Our new family member he is beyond cute.. the dog is adorable too’.

Yup. Their little friend can be seen perching on Liam’s chest, so the message is cheekily aimed at him too.

Couple goals, no?

Her fans were quick to gush at all of the cuteness, with comments including: ‘Ahh so cute beautiful picture’, ‘what an adorable puppy!’ and ‘HE IS BEYOND CUTEEEE’.

But it caused a little bit of a row amongst some fans.


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One fan account wrote: ‘No shade, but this is the 4th dog (Loki – Danielle, Watson and Ralph – Sophia) Liam has gotten with a GF… And the track record isn’t great’.

Other comments said: ‘Does @fakeliampayne ever get to keep any of the pets he gets with girlfriends? Lol’, and ‘what ever happened to Loki????’.

Oh come on, guys.

Naturally, other fans came to Liam’s defence, with comments including: ‘Let them have all the dogs in the world. What matters is that he is happy’ and ‘they both look super happy…’

We think it’s lovely that these two have bought a pet together.

Oh, Chiam.