Isn’t It Time That We All Left Cheryl And Liam Payne Alone?

It looks like some people are still picking apart Cheryl and Liam's appearance at the BRITs...

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know all about the ‘THEY’RE HAVING A ROCKY PATCH!’ rumours that have been circulating Cheryl and her boyfriend Liam Payne.

Ensuring dramatic tabloid headlines reigned over the weekend, the Sun on Sunday claimed that the pair – who have been together for two years – were in ‘crisis talks’ to salvage their relationship, citing long-distance (due to Liam’s blossoming solo career) as the main reason for their troubles.


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So when Cheryl, 34, arrived at the BRIT Awards alongside her beau, 24, all eyes were on them. The couple, who share a son together, did their best to squash the rumours, reassuring fans by showing a united front and even posting a defiant video from Payne’s dressing room backstage.

But it seems that their public outing – something that’s pretty rare for a couple known for their privacy, and that actually marked the first time they’d been seen out together since the arrival of their baby boy last year – has only lead to more scrutiny from some.

Calling on a body language expert to analyse the pair’s behaviour, The Sun has surmised that the former X Factor judge was ‘choreographing’ her appearance with Liam.

Expert Judi James is reported to have examined a number of photographs from Chiam’s red carpet walk, telling the publication: ‘Looking focused and determined, Cheryl face-checked Liam constantly in what looked like a bid to get him to mirror her smile.’

She later adds: ‘Cheryl’s smiling looked force. Her mouth was in a rigid shape with a straight, tense-looking top lip rather than her usual relaxed and rather giggly style.

‘The smiling seemed to be taking its toll and occasionally her expression dropped to suggest the pressure she is under.’

Of course it’s completely understandable to think that Cheryl would be feeling the strain; after almost a week of emotive reports picking apart her relationship, the pop princess – who is no stranger to headlines surrounding her personal life – knew that everyone would be watching closely. And she probably just didn’t want to give anyone a reason to say anything negative.

In fact, the report concedes: ‘Any couple put under pressure to perform a red carpet version of happiness in the face of the kind of rumour-storm these two have been facing would struggle to look cool and relaxed.’

Their joint decision to attend one of the biggest showbiz nights of the year sends a pretty powerful message.

So perhaps we should stop the speculation and take that at face value, eh?