Cheryl And Liam Payne Fans Go Wild Over Leaked Baby Documents

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the famous birth...

We (as in us and THE WHOLE WORLD) are eagerly awaiting news of the birth of Cheryl and Liam Payne’s baby. A letter appearing to ‘confirm’ the couple’s baby news has been leaked, causing fans of the pair to go wild over the news.

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According to reports the document from the couple say that they will reveal baby news to fans ‘in their own time.’

Fans of Chiam began posting screenshots of the leaked document on Twitter, tweeting their excitement…

“I’m so excited I could pop!”

Cheryl Liam Baby

“Oh my god!!! I can’t wait, I’m so happy for them.”

Cheryl and Liam’s fans are VERY excited about their baby


Some fans were defensive about Cheryl and Liam’s right to privacy, saying…

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“Cheryl and Liam will say about the baby when they’re ready to and if they don’t it is up to them. It’s their private life.”

One fan group deleted their snap of the doc ‘out of respect’ for Chiam.

“Out of respect for Cheryl and Liam, we’ve decided to delete we shared yesterday as it was a leaked document.”

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We totally respect Cheryl and Liam’s decision for privacy at this very special time and can completely understand everyone’s excitement. This week’s LOOK is packed with Chiam baby news because we are just as excited!

But let’s just take a moment to give Chezza and Liam time to enjoy this magical time themselves, eh?

Sending lots of love and congrats to our fave couple!