Is This The *Real* Reason Cheryl’s Mum Was In Mothercare?

There could be a very simple explanation...

The Cheryl ‘pregnancy’ rumours have reached an all-time high recently, especially after her mum Joan was snapped shopping in Mothercare.

Let’s recap on how the speculation began. Fans first noticed that Chez had been absent from social media for quite a while, then her boyfriend Liam Payne allegedly asked One Direction pal and new dad Louis Tomlinson for parenting advice.


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But it seems the most recent news could have just caused a complete fan meltdown for no reason at all.

In photographs published by The Sun, 57-year-old Joan Callaghan could be seen buying a Mothercare pregnancy pillow, apparently at the Silverlink branch in Newcastle.

An eyewitness in the store queue added fuel to the fire when they reportedly said: ‘She was asking the assistant for advice about another kind that she wanted, more of a wedge which you can put under your bump when it’s quite big to help take the weight.’

Of course, the internet went completely crazy. However, is all as it seems?

According to the publication, a close source has said: ‘Joan was buying for one of her family in Newcastle. Her other children have lots of kids.’

So we may have all jumped the gun a little. Joan does has four other children as well as Cheryl, although it’s unconfirmed whether any of them or their partners are pregnant.

Rumours that the loved-up pop stars are expecting ramped up earlier this month, after 33-year-old Cheryl showed off a fuller face in her latest L’Oreal advert.

Fans were quick to compliment the Fight For This Love singer on her radiant appearance, but started to question whether there was an underlying reason behind her healthy glow.

Directioner Liam, 23, didn’t do much to quash rumours when he tweaked his Twitter bio to ‘the luckiest man in the world’.

Neither Cheryl nor Liam have spoken out over the claims. But we have a feeling the questions aren’t going to stop anytime soon…

By Naomi Bartram