So, Apparently Cheryl ‘Hates’ Liam’s New Music

In a shock revelation, Liam admitted Cheryl can't stand some of his new work...

Well, this is awkward. Liam Payne has revealed that girlfriend Cheryl ‘hates’ a specific track on his upcoming album, which Liam has admitted to writing himself.

23-year-old Liam – whose debut solo single, Strip That Down was released today – spoke out in an interview on the Radio One Breakfast Show this morning, revealing Cheryl isn’t keen on some of his new work.

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Speaking about Cheryl’s thoughts, Liam said: ‘There’s a song on the new album and she knows I’ve written it, but she’s just like “no, I hate it, it’s cr*p”.’

‘Yeah, there was a little bit of me that died inside when she said it,’ he joked.

A bit harsh, eh Chez?

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It’s fair to say Liam’s had a bit of a turnaround since his One Direction days. In the last few weeks, Liam’s change of style and music taste has been VERY clear from his social media pages. In fact, with so many chains, sunglasses and baggy jeans, it’s hard to imagine a time when Liam was donning chinos and singing That’s What Makes You Beautiful.

What’s more, it seems Liam has been struggling with his new accessories, after admitting to constantly getting his #PayneChain ‘trapped in his chest hair’. Nice.

Where my dawgs at!? 🐶🐶

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But, despite Cheryl’s brutal honesty, Liam’s dress sense is one part of his new look that she seemingly does approve of. In a radio interview with Music Choice earlier in the week, Liam revealed it is in fact Cheryl who’s influenced his new sense of style – he was even (literally) wearing her trousers – a Ronald Van Der Kemp camo-print pair worth £1,500.

Liam in Cheryl’s trousers

‘I just went and started shopping and my missus is a fashionista…these are actually her trousers!’

You know what they say, couples who shop together, stay together…