Everyone Wants To Know What Cheryl’s Snapchat Name Is

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini looks picture-perfect in her latest Instagram shot… and there’s a very good reason for that.

She’s posing as an angel! The 32-year-old shared a pretty photo of herself rocking blue eyes and a glowing halo last night. Cute.

> Cheryl Fernandez-Versini shared this angelic photo yesterday


It looks as though she’d used Snapchat to create her new look. So does this mean she has a secret profile that she’s not telling us about?

C’mon, Chezza. Just imagine the adorable Snaps we’d get to see of her and new boyfriend Liam Payne…

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> Cheryl Fernandez-Versini is dating One Direction’s Liam Payne


Fans couldn’t help agreeing with us. Comments included: ‘Having you on snap chat would literally be the best thing ever omg! Hit us up when you’re ready,’ and: ‘TELL US YOUR SNAPCHAT CHERYL [sic].’

But we’re sure if she wants us to find out the username, she’ll let us know in her own time.

Speaking of Liam, he also seems to be a big Snapchat fan.

> Liam Payne *definitely* seems like a Snapchat fan


Over the past few weeks, he’s posted photos of himself trying out filters including dog ears, a large top hat, an X-ray machine and a mouse face.

Of course, fans of the pair can’t help drawing comparisons between the pair. And unfortunately, this led to a bit of an argument on Chezza’s photo yesterday.

> Here’s Liam Payne as a dog. Sure


As you’re probably aware, Cheryl’s been inundated with harsh and unjustified jibes from some One Direction fans since news of her and Liam’s romance broke.

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This continued on her angelic image. *Sigh*. But thankfully, she’s got plenty of loyal supporter to hit back at the cruel haters.

> Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s fans have called out the trolls on Instagram


One wrote: ‘Love u so much! Please don’t look at the people that hate you. They are jealous that you are so beautiful,’ while another said: ‘You always have a halo [sic].’

Nawww. So true.