Cheryl F-V And Kylie Jenner Are Out Of Fashion

We’ve got bad news for Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Kylie Jenner – their names are in trouble.

Because whilst it’s pretty common for people to name their babies (and pets) after their favourite famous faces, it seems Cheryl and Kylie aren’t in luck this year.

In a new survey conducted on the Essential Baby forum, parents have been sharing their least favourite baby names, and Cheryl and Kylie were among the least popular. Eep.

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It’s hardly surprising – these days, unless you’re naming your baby Apple or Saint, you’re like, so mainstream. So it’s no wonder that the more traditional names are going extinct.

Fiona, Julie and Michelle are also amongst the list of names that are now considered old hat. Sorry, Keegs.

And these famous boys should be worried, too – Justin (BIeber) and Craig (David) were also deemed undesirable monikers, along with Jason, Paul and Scott.

Jeez. Sounds like we’re all getting alot pickier about what we name our sprogs… How much weirder can they get?!