We Just Learnt A Shocking Secret About Cheryl’s Family

...and so did Cheryl, on ancestry show Who Do You Think You Are?

Cheryl’s family life has come under intense scrutiny this week, after she unveiled that ‘bump’.

In a rare public appearance, the 33-year-old and her boyfriend Liam Payne headed to London’s Fayre Of St James Christmas Carols Concert on Tuesday night.

Chezza didn’t seem too bothered about trying to hide her stomach, instead flaunting it in a fitted Alexander McQueen dress.

Cheryl and Liam Payne

Cheryl and Liam Payne have sparked some very exciting rumours…

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But it isn’t the couple’s potential ‘news’ that people are talking about right now – they’re actually more interested in Tweedys past.

Because in an upcoming episode of BBC ancestry show Who Do You Think You Are?, Cheryl is set learn some dramatic family history.

Cheryl is set to learn about her family on Who Do You Think You Are?

Cheryl is set to learn about her family on Who Do You Think You Are?

It turns out, her grandmother Olga was born illegitimately after her great-grandfather had a relationship with his housekeeper.

Following the death of his wife Mary Ann in 1930, Joseph Wilson Ridley began a relationship with his maid Edith Annie Burton.

Two years later she gave birth to twins, one of whom was Olga.


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Olga kept this fact a secret from Cheryl’s mother Joan Callaghan, who was born after Joseph died. Joseph was simply (and very mysteriously) dubbed ‘Old Man Ridley’.

Talking about why she wanted to find out about her mother’s heritage, Cheryl says on the programme: ‘My mother is very much a friend. I can confide in her about anything. But it just feels a bit more mysterious on her side of the family. I never heard stories, I never heard tales.


Cheryl looks gorgeous and glowing in a new clip for Who Do You Think You Are…

‘I find it like pretty amazing that my mam’s grandfather has been completely forgotten, considering he fought in the First World War. You would think there would be tales and stuff like that passed down but nobody seems to know anything.’

Ooh. We’re excited to learn more.