We’ve Got A Huge Update About Cheryl’s Divorce To Jean-Bernard

As rumours continue to build around Cheryl's 'pregnancy', there's been a development in her previous relationship with her ex husband...

Cheryl and Liam Payne have fast become one of the most loved-up celebrity couples, and with those baby rumours following them around constantly, it seems that they’re only getting stronger.

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With all of this excitement, we wouldn’t hold it against you for forgetting that Cheryl is technically still married to her ex, Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini.


There’s been a bit of speculation surrounding the former X Factor judge’s divorce, but now it’s being reported that the couple’s decree nisi will be read at the High Court in London on Thursday of this week, effectively ending their marriage.

A source revealed to Now earlier this week that Cheryl has been feeling the strain of still being married to her former flame, whilst also embarking on a serious new relationship with another man at the same time.


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They reportedly told the publication: ‘Liam’s quite old-fashioned in his views and he wants to marry Cheryl. He’d rather have children in wedlock than out, but until she gets divorced she can’t marry him. That’s understandably causing tension.’

Jean-Bernard recently told New! magazine: ‘A break-up is always hard.’

But the 35-year-old also insisted that he holds no hard feelings, saying, ‘It’s been a tough year, I’m trying to move on. I’ll never think badly of her. She is a great girl.’


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Rumours of Cheryl’s reported ‘pregnancy’ have continued to build over the last few weeks.

There’s been a number of assumed ‘bump’ pictures doing the rounds, and Chezza’s mum was even spotted shopping in Mothercare too.

Neither Cheryl or Liam have confirmed or denied the claims.

But we wish them all of the happiness, and are pleased to hear that the nation’s sweetheart is about to move forward with her new life…