Here’s What Cheryl Eats In A Day (Pasta, Anyone?)

Cheryl joined Jamie Oliver for a live cooking segment on Facebook today, and she revealed a few surprising facts about her food skills…

In case you missed it, the former Girls Aloud star joined The Naked Chef in the kitchen to support #FoodRevolution day. And for her debut chef experience, she was killing it in the outfit department.

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The 32-year-old opted for a green silk embroidered bomber jacket and a pair of edgy thick specs for her Facebook Live appearance, and wore her long brunette locks swept up into a high ponytail.


Whilst there, Jamie grilled the former X Factor judge on her food knowledge. And Cheryl was ready to admit that she’s come a long way…



‘I had to educate myself about food’, she confessed about her teenage self. ‘I was clueless, I had no idea – I didn’t even know my carbohydrates from my proteins.’

After admitting that there’s ‘so much pressure’ on women to look good and eat healthily, Cheryl then went on to list her signature dishes. And guess what? There’s carbs-a-plenty.

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‘My barbecue chicken’, she named as her current favourite dish to cook. ‘It’s so good, I love it.’

And elsewhere on Cheryl’s menu? ‘Spaghetti bolognaise’, Cheryl said. ‘And I love a good roast. I make good roast potatoes.’

’14 years ago we weren’t educated’, Liam Payne’s lady said about the discussion around wholesome, healthy eating. ‘I educated myself. Once i started to eat properly, it was more about energy levels and how I felt.’ Well, she’s looking blimmin’ great.