Cheryl Warns Fans That She May Look Upset When They Next See Her

Cheryl's been crying? Whaaaaat?

If you saw Cheryl out last night crying, people, now you know why.

The 33-year-old has seemed happier than ever lately, with the singer positively beaming on the last few occasions she’s stepped out with boyfriend Liam Payne.

And with her rumoured ‘pregnancy’ news hotting up more than ever, it’s no wonder.

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But the singer took to Twitter last night to warn fans that she might not be looking so happy if they happened to see her last night, admitting she’d been crying before she left the house.

Oh no! What’s up with Chezza? Fight with Liam? Something else? Well actually, no. She’d simply had a fit of the giggles right before leaving her house. And she wanted EVERYONE to know about it.

Taking to Twitter to update fans, Cheryl wrote: ‘On my way out & I took the giggles. Tears streaming down my face. Now I’m half way there and my make up is a mess 😐 what am I gonna do? đŸ˜Ģ.’

Pre-warning fans that she might look a little puffy-eyed if they happened to see her, the former Girls Aloud star followed up by tweeting: ‘Anyway. If you see me on your tl later. You know what’s up 😭 apologies in advance 😒.’

Phew. So nothing bad, then. Still, we wonder what made her so hysterical? Perhaps Payne is a better gag-teller than we thought?

We also totally get why Cheryl felt the need to warn people she might look like she’d been crying – after all, she IS the most-papped celebrity in the land right now.

Cute as ever, Cheryl fans were quick to offer up their solutions, with one replying: ‘Erm can’t you quickly touch it up? Use your phone as a mirror. But mate, you can rock anything.’

However, Cheryl replied that she ‘didn’t bring any make up to touch it up with’, adding that it was a ‘rookie move’. Eep.

The singer then explained that what really set her off in her laughing fit was that ‘the more I knew I should stop laughing the more I couldn’t’. Oh, we’ve ALL been there.

Anyway. Crying/laughing drama aside, we just hope Chezza had a fab evening out.