It Looks Like Cheryl May Be Set To Make A Huge Comeback

We could be seeing a lot more of the new mama...

Cheryl might have been out of the limelight for a while, but watch out, because the singer’s planning a huge comeback. Hurrah!

The 34-year-old’s been hiding from the spotlight since she gave birth to her son Bear on 22 March, but she’s now preparing for her return with a whole new look. She teased her makeover yet again after debuting her new blonde hair on Instagram previously.

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And it’s all about feeling just like her old self. ‘Cheryl’s going all-out to revamp herself. She’s told friends she won’t hide away any more. It’s time for her to do something for herself,’ an insider tells

‘She’s really going out there to try to reinvent herself now – she feels she’s given the past year to pregnancy and being a mum.’

And Cheryl means business. Sharing a rare selfie with boyfriend Liam Payne as they headed off on a date night earlier this month was the first step in her strategy to rebrand them as a couple. ‘The selfie with Liam and the new hair colour is all part of her plan to really start putting them more on the map as a couple,’ explains the insider.

Date night 😏

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‘When the baby first came, Cheryl was determined to keep everything about her family life totally out of the spotlight. But she’s realised that if she wants to breathe new life into her career, she needs to embrace the idea of the public getting to see more of her life behind closed doors and share her family with the world.

‘That doesn’t mean giving up her privacy, but she loves her fans and wants to give them more.

‘She thinks people are bored of the old Cheryl and need something new to talk about. She thinks Liam has a role to play in that too, letting his guard down more and sharing more on social media.’

We’re ready and waiting…