Cheryl Cole’s X Factor Stint Halted By VERY Loved-Up Couple

Cheryl Cole joined Gary Barlow on The X Factor for ‘judges houses’, but a security alert almost halted everything!

Fearing that some photographers had found their way onto the grounds, security were called to an ‘incident’… but it turns out that a very loved-up couple were just… er… enjoying the privacy of the bushes.

A source told The Sun: “Security expected some bloke with a camera and were stunned when it turned out to be two young lovers in their 20s. The pair looked as shocked as our security staff and quickly stopped what they were doing and pulled their clothes back on… They made their excuses and left. It seems they’d been having a picnic and got carried away.”

They’d have got even more of a shock if Cheryl and Gary had interrupted them instead of security… BS