Cheryl Cole’s Rose Tattoo: What It’s Really Hiding…

Cheryl Cole‘s rose tattoo has had tongues wagging ever since the moment it was unveiled on Instagram, but now former Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has lifted the lid on a fresh tatt-related scandal by revealing Cheryl actually had it penned as a cover-up…

Speaking about her friend’s cheeky inking to OK! Magazine, 31-year-old Sarah said: “Rosy isn’t it? It gives a new meaning to rosy-cheeked!”

And when asked if Cheryl, who’s just split from her US dancer boyfriend Tre Holloway, had the tattoo to cover-up another one, Sarah replied: “Yeah, she [did]. I know what used to be there. Only I knew… and the rest of the girls!”

The Call My Name singer’s never been shy about flaunting her body art – we’ve seen glimpses of a tribal inking on her lower back and a Tweety Pie on her bum which the star had done to signifiy the birth of her first nephew.

But it seems Chez had another tattoo in the same region that she wasn’t so proud of and that we will now never know about thanks to that whopping great big rose-shaped mask. Cowell’s initials? Ashley Cole’s face? An arty X Factor ode stamped across one cheek? We can only wonder.

Either way, Miss Harding seems to have be put off by her pal’s previous mistakes, and isn’t going to be following in Cheryl’s footsteps by going big with her next inking. “I could only do two hours at a time. Cheryl did it in lots and lots of bits. It wasn’t finished when we were on tour.”

We’re not going to lie, we’re kind of dying to know what’s buried beneath Cheryl’s colourful cover-up. Any guesses?!

By Robyn Munson

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