Cheryl Cole’s Smitten New Admirer Speaks Out…

Cheryl Cole pretty much dazzles every single person she meets, but her latest admirer really can’t stop gushing about the gorgeous Geordie singer.

After bonding on the Coronation Street set earlier this month, soap star Michelle Keegan has been piping up about 30-year-old Cheryl’s amazing talents in both acting and holding down a good ol’ girly gossip. We expected nothing less.

‘I was really excited when I found out that Cheryl Cole was going to be filming at Corrie,’ said Mark Wright‘s anamoured fiancée. ‘She is someone I really admire and I have never met her properly so when I found out she was going to play Tina’s friend I couldn’t believe it.’

‘They say never meet your idols but she was amazing,’ Michelle continued. ‘She is such a huge Corrie fan and she was genuinely pleased to be filming with us.’

‘I sat and chatted with her for ages which was lovely. She didn’t need any tips from us all though, she was really good, a natural,’ she added.

In the special episode for ITV’s Text Santa event, former X Factor judge Cheryl will play barmaid Tina McIntyre’s long-lost pal who rocks up to the Rover’s Return to mingle with the locals (we can’t wait to see this…)

Michelle continued: ‘She knew all her lines and she seemed to really enjoy herself. Malcolm Hebden who plays Norris made her laugh. She was great fun to have on set and I am really thrilled that Text Santa gave me the chance to work with her.’

We see a mega-hot new girlmance happening here. Bet hubby-to-be Mark has zero objections about this one…

By Robyn Munson

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