Cheryl Cole’s Mum Not Sold On Tre Holloway?

Cheryl Cole is dating backing dancer Tre Holloway at the moment, but one person who’s reportedly not so happy about that is her mum!

The Sun reports that she met Tre last month at a party, and afterwards told her friends that she’s a little “wary” about Cheryl‘s involvement with him, saying that the singer missed a family gathering to spend time with her new man.

A source told the paper: “It’s early days and she isn’t 100 per cent sure of Tre yet. He looks good on Cheryl’s arm but Joan fears he will not be there for her long term… Any man dating Cheryl should be aware they have to pass the vigorous test and standards set by Joan. She sees herself as more of a protecting force than ever. As it stands Tre has a long way to go before he is accepted.”

Cheryl and Tre got together in March, a few months after he first performed with her during her X Factor performance of Promise This. Will he get her mum’s approval? Time will tell… BS