Cheryl Cole Wraps Up Warm For Her Christmas Countdown

Cheryl Cole is being our very own advent calendar at the moment as she counts down to Christmas on Twitter!

Though not quite as reliable – she  missed #7sleeps out completely! – she’s posting pics instead of treating us to a choccy each day, and yesterday she posted this winter warmer.

Writing “Me, my Christmas jumper and my Lily hahaha !!!! #5sleeps”, Cheryl joked that fans would have thought the pic was of her assistant Lily England… Alas, it was just the flower!

“Haha I bet you all thought it was @Lily_England didn’t you ??? I’m sooo funny !!! Hahaha #YouLittleMugs LOL at myself #TooMuchMulledWine”

Sounds like Cheryl’s definitely full of fun festive spirit at the moment! BS