Cheryl Cole & Tre Holloway: Why It’s The Dream Break Up

Cheryl Cole and Tre Holloway may have called it quits on their long distance love-in, but there’s no bad blood when it comes to these two as Tre took to Twitter last night to share some friend affection for the solo singer.

Her dishy backing-dancer ex, who split from the Geordie beauty a few months back, opened up to fans online tweeting a tribute to his former flame.

“Thank you all for your support. Cheryl is AMAZING as you all know!!!” wrote the LA-based body popper, who first met the Call My Name star during an X Factor performance in 2012.

Proving you can stay friends with the ex, the pair are on pally terms but this super-cute tweet has made darn sure they’ll stay firmly on each other’s christmas card lists, along with a few new fan additions we reckon…

“Thank you for everything I mean that from the [heart] I love you. You’re amazing #soldierloveinfulleffect,” posted Cheryl to her loyal followers, making sure her army of soldiers felt some of the love whizzing around her Twittersphere right now.

Is this officially the most non-dramatic, happy break up ever? We’re going for a big fat YES.

Now can you get back together please guys? You’re too cute to be apart.

By Claire Blackmore

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