Cheryl Cole & Tre Holloway On The Rocks?

Cheryl Cole is said to be on the verge of splitting with boyfriend Tre Holloway over his refusal to up sticks and move back to England with her. Oh, pet!

The 30-year-old former Girls Aloud star is reportedly planning a move back to Blighty to resurrect her UK music career after failing to crack America – but with Tre’s roots firmly in the States, Cheryl and her man are said to be struggling with managing their long-distance love.

“Cheryl and Tre’s relationship has been hanging by a thread since her 30th birthday in June”, a friend of the pair’s told the Daily Star. “Cheryl has given up on America after a series of disappointing meetings in LA earlier this year. She’s made it clear to Tre she couldn’t make LA her permanent home and has begged him to settle in the UK with her.”

The source continues: “Cheryl has had enough of jetting back and forth and hates having a long-distance relationship. She wants to re-establish her UK base so she can get her career back on track after taking some much-needed time out.

“She loves Tre and ideally wants him to move to England to start a family with her but it’s now becoming evident that might not happen.”


The former X Factor judge, who unveiled her very cheeky new rose tattoo last week, relocated to America with her dancer beau earlier this year following the Girls Aloud split. If the rumours are true, we can’t wait to have Lady Cole back from hibernation – let’s just hope she can persuade her LA lover to swap sunshine for showers and come with! 

By Robyn Munson

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