Cheryl Cole Thought Doctors Were Trying To Kill Her

Cheryl Cole has described the harrowing moment when she was told she might die from malaria.

In an extract from her autobiography, released this week, Cheryl explains how she became so ill from the disease that she had to write her will, and that she was so delirious that she even accused the doctors of trying to kill her.

She says: “Both lungs were filled with fluid, my liver three times normal size and I was five minutes from needing life-long kidney dialysis. I didn’t know that then, thank God. I can clearly remember asking the nurse if I was dying – and feeling relieved when she said ‘It’s a possibility’.”

Cheryl contracted the disease after a trip to Tanzania with her Dancing With The Stars pal Derek Hough. She added: “A guy held an oxygen mask on my face, but I said: ‘I know what you’re doing. You’re trying to kill me. Don’t think I’m stupid’.”

She then told her mum: “‘I’m gonna write me will. Bring paper, I need to tell you what to do’. I was matter of fact. I was so over it by now – too tired to take any more.”

Cheryl spent four days in intensive care, before her condition improved and she was moved to a London clinic to recover. She adds: “I did a lot of thinking there, making connections I’d never thought of before – and they disturbed me. Who the hell am I?’ I said to Derek eventually. My whole life had been like a mad roller coaster ride.

“Being in here was just the latest example. You couldn’t make it up. I’d had enough … I just had to work out how to change my life.”

Wowser… we can’t wait for the rest. RM