Cheryl Cole Shows Off Her Rose Tattoo In Backside Selfie

Cheryl Cole is the latest celebrity to join the belfie craze. Yep, that’s right, the bum selfie is now a thing and it has a name: the belfie. 

You can blame Kim Kardashian and the photo she shared of herself in that  swimsuit for sparking this latest photo trend. Now Chezza’s jumped on the bandwagon and is showing us her beautiful behind. 

The singer, who is newly single after splitting from Tre Holloway, uploaded a picture to her Instagram account of herself with tousled beach hair, wearing a damp white vest and bikini bottoms while staring out to sea. 

And although she’s spent the last few months keeping her controversial rose tattoo out of view, the singer seemed more than happy to let it peek through her teeny bikini bottoms. 

Even though we can’t actually see her face in this shot, Cheryl looked great in her beachwear and utterly serene as she relaxed by the water. It seems like Cheryl’s taking to single life well – she was seen out this weekend looking amazing in a pair of skintight laether trousers as she partied with pal Kimberley Walsh.

The more we look at Cheryl’s belfie, the more we think we’re coming round to the tattoo after all. The jury’s out on the belfie trend, though.

By Olivia Marks