Cheryl Cole Reveals Sleepless Nights Over Brother’s Jail Time

Cheryl Cole addresses her older brother Andrew’s jail time in her autobiography, My Story, sharing her family’s troubles.

As a teenager he went off the rails and stabbed someone who’d punched their sister Gillian in a pub, and Cheryl writes:

“Everyone was in pieces. People were talking about prison, and I was lying awake again, worrying myself sick. He got six years and was locked up in a young offenders’ institution to start with as he was too young to for adult jail.”

Once she’d risen to fame on Popstars: The Rivals, Cheryl visited her brother again, who was sill on the same path:

“I went to see him in prison. ‘Why can’t you stop?’ I begged him. “You’re devastating the whole family. Why can’t you change your ways?’ He shrugged and looked me in the face. ‘I’m too far gone.’ I left in floods of tears. I had the means to help him now if only he wanted to be helped – but he clearly didn’t. That hurt like hell.”

Cheryl‘s autobiography will be released on Thursday – we can’t wait to read the whole thing. BS