Cheryl Cole Reveals Saucy Dream About Rihanna

Cheryl Cole has made no secret of the fact that she has a girl crush on Rihanna, but her latest revelation has left us blushing.

When interviewed by Birmingham’s Heart FM breakfast show and asked if she’d ever had a filthy dream about a celebrity, the Under The Sun singer said: “Yeah, Rihanna”.

Ooh. And she didn’t stop there. She added: “We had fun. You know, girly fun.”

So there you have it – Celebland’s hottest pairing. Cheryl’s boyfriend Tre Holloway has nothing to worry about though. The singer is well and truly smitten with her new man, judging by reports. The Daily Star claims that Cheryl has been cooking the dancer dishes from her native Newcastle. The source said: “She loves playing housewife and is chuffed Tre’s keen to learn about Newcastle and her food. Cheryl said Tre really likes all the hearty dishes and asks her to cook more.”

Sorry, boys – it doesn’t sound like Cheryl will be hooking up with Rihanna anytime soon… RM