Cheryl Cole Recalls The Happiest Moments Of Her Life

Cheryl Cole has recalled the happiest moments of her life in an interview with jewellery brand Pandora to promote the Girls Aloud bracelet range

The candid interview sees Cheryl open up about some of her most cherished memories – something she doesn’t do lightly.

So, does her wedding to Ashley Cole feature in her top moments? Alas, no. In fact, Cheryl’s dearest memory is the birth of her nephew. 

She says: “When I was 16 years old my sister announced that she was pregnant and that she would absolutely love for me to be her partner at the birth so as you can imagine, at 16 watching your first nephew and first grandchild of the whole family being born is an insane memory, is the best feeling you could ever have. 

“I experienced emotions I didn’t even know I had and I felt incredibly blessed to be there at his birth.”

Aww, Auntie Chez! She also talks about the moment she joined Girls Aloud, saying: “When we were first announced as being in the group that will always be one of the memories that sticks in my mind more than anything because of the feelings I had attached to that memory. 

“I can only describe is at as like euphoria, excitement and happiness. That is one of the best feelings I’ve ever had and I will never forget.”

We know what you mean, Cheryl – those are the exact same feelings we experienced when we found out Girls Aloud were reuniting! RM