Cheryl Cole Reacted To Kimberley’s Baby News Like This

Cheryl Cole reacted exactly how we imagine we would if our BFF told us she was pregnant – by transforming into a total blubbering mess.

‘Cheryl burst into tears of joy when I told her I was pregnant’, former Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberley Walsh told OK! magazine about the moment she broke the big news. ‘I told Cheryl first as she lives nearer to me so I popped round to see her mid-January and she knew straight away.’

‘She was like: “So what’s new with you? Have you got any news?”, she continued. ‘I said there was news and she knew straight away that’s what it was.’ Ah, female intuition… There’s nothing like it.

‘She burst into tears of joy, which was no surprise as she’s so emotional, but it was a really cute reaction’, Kimberley added.

‘We literally hugged for about ten minutes. She cried, I cried and then there was the excitement. She started telling me she wanted to come to the scan, she wanted to do this and that and I had to really rein her back in.’

We kind of guessed as much as soon as we saw this photo.

Too. Cute.

By Robyn Munson

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