Cheryl Cole Posts Silly Selfie After Day Of Babysitting

Cheryl Cole has been fairly quiet on Twitter lately, so we’re happy to see her come out of hiding with her latest selfie showing her messing about in bed after a tough day of playing babysitter. 

The 30-year-old Geordie gal – now known as Lady Cheryl – uploaded the snap of her exhausted face following her gruelling daycare duties. “#Notetoself this is what children do to you. Make you look/ act and feel like a crazy person! #crazysundaynotlazysunday”.

Er, if this is how good she looks after a solid afternoon of screaming toddler tantrums and baby sick, we dont think Chezza needs to worry about letting herself go when her and boyfriend Tre Holloway start popping the sprogs out

The former Girls Aloud member may have been getting the practice in for when ex-X Factor boss Simon Cowell‘s baby arrives next year, after the news broke that the music mogul is reportedly expecting his first child with US socialite Lauren Silverman.

Love Machine dance routines and Girls Aloud goss? Cheryl would hands down be the coolest babysitter ever.

By Robyn Munson

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