Cheryl Cole Postpones The Release Of Her Next Single ‘Screw You’

Cheryl Cole is postponing the release of her next single ‘Screw You’, so she can focus on Girls Aloud material.

According to reports, the star is putting all her efforts into the Girls Aloud ten year reunion, which means her solo career is going to take a back seat.

Those anxiously awaiting the release of her next track are just going to have to sit tight.

Cheryl announced in September that ‘Screw You’ would be her next release, following her debut solo tour, ‘A Million Lights’.

A source told The Sun: “Cheryl originally planned for her solo material to coincide with the Girls Aloud promo schedule. That way, it was thought they would cross-advertise each other.

“Unfortunately, it just felt a bit confusing to have both going on at once.

“After the girls’ single lost out to Olly Murs in the race for No.1 and Cheryl’s single failed to reach the top 10, it was decided to focus all the attention on Girls Aloud for the time being.

“They might reschedule it for some time in March, after the girls’ tour, but there is no date set at the moment.”

As long as Cheryl’s somewhere in the spotlight, we don’t mind what she gets up to… go go, go go go go Girls! RM