Cheryl Cole Performs Wettest Show Of Her Career In Denmark

Cheryl Cole took to the stage in rainy Denmark last night, as she prepares for her UK A Million Lights tour!

She apologised to the audience for any dance moves that she missed, saying that she had to choose between completing the moves and falling over:

“Thank you Denmark for an amazing welcome ! Ps.. You take the record #wettestshowofmycareer lol”

“Ps.. Apologies for any missed choreography ! It was that or sing it on my ass hahaha..”

It was still raining during her flight home, and she shared her fears for the landing on Twitter too: 

“Coming down in sheets.. Nervous for the flight *bbm crying face*… Landed safe and sound :D”

Phew! We’re glad you’re okay, Cheryl! BS