Cheryl Cole Only Has Eyes For One Person…

It’s safe to say Cheryl Cole is well and truly smitten with one of her oldest companions, as she declares her love via the power of Instagram.

Even Prince Harry’s cheeky Nando’s trip wasn’t enough to sway Chezza’s heart on this one, as it seems the pint-sized star only has eyes for Nicola Roberts.

Following her sad split with Tre Holloway earlier this month, the Girls Aloud bandmates have been inseparable. Nothing says friendship like a birthday trip to one of Amsterdam’s notorious adults-only clubs, after all. 

With rumours that the pair are planning to write new music together (ahhh!), Cheryl has been dedicating most of her Instagram feed to her lovely ‘lilcola’.

‘Look at her,’ the Fight For This Love singer wrote alongside a stunning picture of Nicola, while she went on to post various throwback snaps of her BFF.

Too. cute.

Nicola appears to be on hand to help Cheryl relaunch her music caree in the UK, as she bid farewell to American recently.  

More of these two, doing anything, please! 

By Jessica Bridgeman

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