Cheryl Cole Moving To LA For Tre Holloway?

Cheryl Cole could be on the move, according to new reports suggesting she wants to spend more time with her new man Tre Holloway!

Despite the fact she’s just starting rehearsals for her Million Lights UK and Ireland tour in October, a source told The People that she’s thinking about moving to the US to be with him:

“She wants to spend more and more time with him so she is seriously considering moving to America to be with him… Most of Tre’s work is in the States so it would be difficult for him to move to the UK, plus it would be far more difficult for him to get a visa to live over here. Now Cheryl is concentrating more on just her music and shoe range, she can do that in Los Angeles. Cheryl is happy for the first time in a while. She went through hell with her divorce from Ashley. Nobody would be surprised if she and Tre married.”

Woah, slow down – that all seems a little fast, don’t you think?! Let’s hope she takes the time on tour to think about it… BS