Cheryl Cole Leads Farewell Messages To Chris Moyles

Cheryl Cole is among dozens of celebrities who have paid tribute to their favourite radio presenter, Chris Moyles on his last day at Radio 1.

Chris is presenting his last ever show on the station this morning, before embarking on tour with the Jesus Christ Superstar cast. 

Cheryl Cole recorded a special video message for him, saying: “I just wanted to say good luck with everything you do in the future. I’ll never forget the memories we shared on the mountain. Best wishes from me, and happy new chapter.”

Aww. Cheryl and Chris were among a bunch of stars who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief back in May 2009. Along with Kimberley Walsh, Gary Barlow and Alesha Dixon, they raised £1.4million for the charity.

Ant and Dec also paid tribute to Chris by presenting him with a big red “This Is Your Life” book. The said: “In 2004, you had been a presenter on Radio 1 for seven years. But you made no bones about the fact that you didn’t want to be there. The breakfast show is where you wanted to be.”

James Corden added: “The more you listen, the more you become part of it, that’s the reason we’ve stuck with it for so long. It’s going to be like losing a group of mates in the morning that you happen to be in the car with.”

Bye, Chris! We’ll miss you… RM