Cheryl Cole: Has She Given Up On Her US Career?

Cheryl Cole may have once had designs on making it big in the US, but it looks like that dream might be over. Cheryl has officially parted ways with, who she hired to oversee her breaking America in 2011 and it looks like she’s not planning on giving it another go Stateside.

The news comes two years after Simon Cowell famously axed Chezza from the X-Factor USA show just three weeks in after it was reported the American audience couldn’t make out her accent.

“Cheryl had originally brought in a new and experienced team to help her with cracking America when news of her X Factor USA signing broke,” a source told the Sunday Mirror.

“But it’s been two years and she no longer has plans or a desire to make it over there. She doesn’t have a US record deal and, despite the rumours, is not going to be moving over there.”

So it looks like Chezza won’t be ditching us for the bright lights of Hollywood when she returns from her six month break from showbiz and we’re relieved – we can’t wait to have you back, Cheryl!

By Lucy Hancock

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