Cheryl Cole Gets Stood Up!

Cheryl Cole is everywhere right now, with her autobiography My Story, her A Million Lights Tour, and the Girls Aloud reunion announcement on Friday… But she still gets stood up once in a while!

Tinchy Stryder admitted that he passed up a night out with Cheryl after supporting her at her London show, but that he loved doing the gig, telling The Sun:

“It’s been fun. I did the London gig — there’s no place like home. The plan was to go out after we both played in London but I ended up chilling with Dizzee Rascal. [I] sort of [snubbed her]! We didn’t want to turn up (to join Cheryl at the after-party) and leave shortly afterwards.

“We were saying just the other day, because you’re always touring, doing promo and working, when you do get free time you just want to chill. We don’t go out and party as much. We just chill and listen to some music and catch up.”

If only we’d known, we would have gone in his place! BS