Cheryl Cole Gets Back To Work Despite Doctors Orders

Cheryl Cole has reportedly ignored doctors’ suggestions to rest following her car accident with, and flown back to the UK from Los Angeles with her arm in a sling to promote her new single and tour.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, a friend of hers said: “They were both incredibly shaken up by the incident. Cheryl felt dazed for quite a while afterwards. But despite people urging her to rest and relax, she insisted on getting on her plane and getting back into the swing of things. She’s a workaholic and in this respect, it’s a good thing as it will take her mind off what happened.”

Cheryl was quick to tell fans she and Will were fine via Twitter, and her spokesperson said: “She is in good shape, she was initially a bit shaken up by the incident but she is all right now.”

We’re glad she and Will are both feeling okay after the crash, Cheryl will appear on The Jonathan Ross Show on September 8th. BS