Cheryl Cole Discusses Cher Lloyd In Her Autobiography

Cheryl Cole has described what she really thought of Cher Lloyd when she put the singer through to her category in 2010’s series of The X Factor

In her autobiography, Cheryl: My Story, released last week, Cheryl writes: “I absolutely loved her and had done from the start. She reminded me of myself, coming from a similar background and being gutsy, putting herself out there. 

“She basically broke down when it was her turn to sing, but I still put her through because I believed in her and I felt sure she’d blossom as the competition went on.” 

Cher famously fell out with Cheryl last year when she suggested in an interview that the Girls Aloud star would need the help of Auto-Tune if they ever performed together. Cheryl tweeted a warning, saying that people “should be careful who they kick on their way up.” 

Ouch. She also revealed that she put Katie Waissel through because she was “good TV”. Cheryl says: “Simon Cowell had spent the past two years drumming into me that we needed acts who would be ‘good TV’. When I saw Katie perform this time, I had to admit that she was… quirky, intriguing and busting to succeed. In short, she had the character and drive it took to withstand the pressure of the show, and so I put her through, even though she messed up when she sang in front of Will.” 

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