Cheryl Cole Describes Her Favourite Outfits As ‘Tracksuits And PJs’

Cheryl Cole is a girl after our own heart. The Girls Aloud star has confessed that despite having a wardrobe rammed full of gorgeous designer frocks, she’s happiest when she’s wearing her tracksuit or pyjamas.

Talking To Fabulous magazine, Cheryl said: “There’s nothing I love more than my PJs.”

It’s hard to imagine Cheryl waking up with a hair out of place, but she insists that that her polished look is just her “pop star image”. Oh.

She adds: “I’ve been known to get out of bed, go in the bath and then get straight back into my pyjamas. I’m most recognisable to my friends when I’m in a tracksuit. They’re like: ‘Ah, she’s back’.”

Brilliant. So what’s a night in with Cheryl Cole really like then?

Cheryl says: “I love to watch crap TV, US chat shows or Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Anything that stops you thinking about your own stresses.”

New BFF alert! RM