Cheryl Cole Denies Engagement Rumours

Cheryl Cole has taken to Twitter to deny reports that she’s planning to marry Tre Holloway. The Girls Aloud star has been forced to respond to rumours of an engagement after several reports emerged over the weekend.

She said last night: “Ok.. That’s enough silliness… I am not, nor am I getting engaged or married! Stop it *Stephen A Smith voice*.”  (Yeah, we had to Google him too).

There’s a chance that Kimberley Walsh will be feeling a little sheepish this morning, since she’s partly to blame for the intense speculation.

Talking about the couple on Saturday night, Kimberley told Jonathan Ross: “She’s known him for quite a long time. A few years, he danced for her the first time years and years ago. Yeah he’s a lovely guy so I’m happy that he makes her happy.

“I think it could defnitely go the distance, yeah they’re really happy.”

The Sunday Mirror reported yesterday that Tre had already asked Cheryl’s dad Garry for her hand in marriage, and that the singer was warming to the idea of remarrying following her divorce from Ashley Cole.

A source claims: “[Garry] decided to give his permission but asked [him] just to make sure he was 100 per cent sure when he proposed.”

Has everyone just ruined Tre’s big surprise? Cheryl seems pretty content as she is (and really needs to work on her impressions). RM