Cheryl Cole And Tre Holloway Take Intimate Twitpic

Cheryl Cole isn’t exactly one for playing out her love life in the public domain anymore (who can blame her!?), but this pic defo puts pay to rumours that Chezza and Tre are on the verge of splitting.

Tweeted by her less camera shy boyfriend Tre Holloway, he said: “Yo! These Shisha Pipes are AMAZING! #learningtheropes”.

The snap clearly shows Cheryl‘s very distinctive tattooed hand and manicured nails holding the electric pipe, so unless Tre has got some mad photoshop skills it would seem the pair are very much ON.

Shortly afterwards Cheryl announced to her followers: “Thank you so much for all your kind words, respect and well wishes.. I’m gonna take some time now to rest and recover!!” She added: “I need some doggy love, family, friends & loved ones!”

We wonder who those ‘loved ones’ could be… LH