Cheryl Makes A Hugely Emotional Appeal As The New Face Of Childline

Cheryl stars in the new Childline campaign video to raise awareness and encourage young people to speak out about their problems...

Cheryl makes an exciting announcement today, as the new face of Childline.

To celebrate the charity’s 30th birthday, they’ve enrolled the former Girls Aloud star to front their latest campaign in the hope of reaching out to teenagers struggling with their feelings.

In her new role as Childline Campaigner, Cheryl sends a powerful message to young people who are struggling to cope with the 24/7 pressures and demands of modern day life in the charity’s emotional new campaign video.

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Cheryl in Childline campaign

Cheryl is raising awareness for charity Childline to encourage young people to speak out…

Miming to the voices of young people in turmoil, the 33-year-old then looks directly to the camera to say: ‘Thousands of young people are suffering with problems just like these. I want to make sure anyone going through a hard time knows they can talk to someone and get the help they need. Childline is there for you whoever you are.’

Speaking about her new role, Cheryl says: ‘As a teenager I was aware of Childline, but like so many others I mistakenly thought it was just for young kids. The reality is that it doesn’t matter whether you are at primary, secondary school or college, or how big or small your problem is, Childline is there for you.

‘Life can be hard sometimes, especially whilst you’re growing up, and everyone deserves someone to talk to and help make sense of it all. That is exactly what Childline is there to do; just listen and help. No young person should ever feel afraid, confused or alone so if that’s how you are feeling then please get in touch with them by phone or online.’

Cheryl in Childline campaign

We’re so pleased to see Cheryl using her status to raise awareness of such an important charity, and at such a crucial time, too – Childline figures show a 22% increase in counselling sessions delivered for young girls ages 12-18 over the last three years, due to feelings of self-esteem, depression and self-harm.

8,508 of these counselling sessions were carried out for teenage girls with suicidal feelings.

And Dame Esther Rantzen, who founded Childline in 1986 and continues as its President, couldn’t be prouder to have the singer on board.

‘Having someone of Cheryl’s profile, who millions of young people admire is one of the best birthday presents Childline could hope for’, she says.

‘We are really excited at the awareness that Cheryl will bring to the service, and in particular how she will enable us reach out to even more desperately unhappy young people with nowhere else to turn. She fully understands the new dangers young people face today such as sexting and cyber-bullying.’

For more help and advice, visit the Childline website.