A Professional Midwife Shares Her Opinions On Cheryl’s ‘Baby Bump’…

An expert mifdwife has said that we can expect Cheryl's 'bump' to get much bigger over the coming weeks...

Cheryl’s ‘pregnancy’ has been the topic on everyone’s lips for the past few weeks. And now, a midwife has shared her opinions on the singer’s ‘bump’.

Cheryl and Liam Payne set tongues wagging earlier this month when they stepped out a Christmas concert in London with Cheryl clearly parading a slighly rounded tummy under a fitted ribbed green Alexander Wang dress.

But with no confirmation yet from the former Girls Aloud star or her ex-One Direction boyfriend as to whether or not they’re expecting, the Mail Online turned to a professional midwife to get her view.

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Cheryl and Liam Payne

Cheryl and Liam Payne have sparked some very exciting rumours…

And according to Cheshire-based Emily Street, an expert in hypnobirthing and holistic therapies, the 33-year-old’s bump might be about to get much bigger.

‘Cheryl is only 5ft2in and it’s not uncommon for shorter women to have slightly larger bumps,’ Emily said. ‘Putting it simply, ladies with shorter torsos have less room between the pelvis and the ribs for the uterus to grow, so bumps expand outwards instead.

‘With taller ladies you might see neater, smaller bumps,’ she added.


Cheryl looked stunning at a recent fan signing

After Cheryl recently appeared on BBC show Who Do You Think You Are, fans discovered that twins ran in her family – so, could her bump help to determine whether or not her and Liam could be expecting not one, but two little ones?

‘As we don’t know how far along Cheryl is, it’s impossible to say from looking at her bump where she’s expecting more than one,’ Emily continued.

‘A woman having multiple births will usually have a much bigger bump, as you’d expect. But having twins doesn’t mean your bump will be twice its normal size.’

Aw. We just hope Cheryl is happy, healthy, and resting up.