Cher Lloyd Has Spoken Out About *Those* X Factor Eyebrows

The singer had a *very* distinctive style when she hit the X Factor auditions in 2010. But now, she's back, and she's opened up about her beauty 'mistakes'...

Any true X Factor fan will remember the frayed skinny jeans, military jacket and top knot combo that grabbed the nation’s attention during the 2010 series.

Yup. We are, of course, talking about the one and only Cher Lloyd.

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At just sixteen, she was one sassy little lady. And she brought her swag for the judges, only to be snapped up by her soul sister, Cheryl.


Looking back at her early days on the ITV competition, it seems that Cher has one big regret from her teenage years.

Showing off her makeover for the Loose Women panel, she was quick to reminisce about those eyebrows.

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'Loose Women' TV show, London, UK - 15 Sep 2016

She told them, ‘I thought I looked fabulous! I went on the telly and thought, “I look great in my ripped jeans and wonky eyebrows!”‘

Oh dear.

Opening up about her experimentation with her image, Cher said, ‘As a young girl we’ve all made make-up mistakes, I’m sure! The difference from being 16 years old to 23 is huge and plus, to be doing it front of everyone…’

The Swagger Jagger chart-topper continued: ‘I have younger sisters and they say to me, “I love my eyebrows now and I’m so glad I have them this way because back when I was so and so age they were terrible!”

‘I turn around and say, “Well mine was the other extreme because I had eyebrows up here”.

‘I’d plucked them all off until there was no strands of hair and I drew them on. I thought they looked fabulous!”‘

Oh, we’ve all been there, lady.

To be fair, we feel that anyone should be able to rock any ‘brow.


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But we’re pleased to hear that Cher has grown into her confidence.

Looking good, chick.