Cher From Clueless’ Virtual Wardrobe Is Now A Reality

Cher from Clueless gave us a lot to be jealous about. Her massive LA mansion, her amazing endless pins and the fact that she got to snog Paul Rudd, for starters. 

But it was her insanely cool virtual wardrobe which helped take the faff out of picking outfits every day that really captured our attention.

And now, in the most amazing news we’ve heard all week, a brand new 2014 app has been unveiled to make all of our Cher Horowitz-shaped dressing dreams come true.

MyDressing actually makes it possible to upload your wardrobe onto your phone and create a back catalogue of outfits for you to flick through each morning.

You can match outfits, create special folders for dancing/drinks/date-appropriate ensembles and even share your virtual ‘drobe with your mates. As. If!

We’re downloading as we type…

By Robyn Munson

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