9 Things You’ll Only Know If You’ve Been Cheated On

Being cheated on has got to be one of the WORST feelings in the world.

Whether you had to go all detective to discover the truth, or if he actually confessed it to you, it still doesn’t really soften that feeling of betrayal. 

Us girls need to stick together. We’ve been there, and there’s a few things that we can probably all relate to… 

1. The Face when they try and tell us that it’s ALL the other girl’s fault


Um, no mate.

It takes two to Tango. And you’re the one with the OTHER dance partner (which, as you’ve clearly forgotten, is supposed to be me). 

2. And we’ve all heard the line about it being ‘just the one time’ 


Oh, thank goodness.

I feel so much better now. 

3. Blasting out Beyoncé becomes just as important as the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream


What did we EVER do before Best Thing I Never Had

4. Those inspirational Instagram posts that used to annoy the HELL out of us? 


Suddenly, they make so much sense. And we’ll probably share them. Because, you know, you just can’t beat a passive aggressive social media dig, right?

5. Excuse us while we listen to Rihanna’s Take A Bow in the car like we’re in some sort of music video


That song is just too real.

RiRi knows. 

6. To the left, to the left…


Never, in the history of the entire planet, did three little words hold more meaning. 


7. Facebook becomes a dangerous place

We’re all guilty of a little stalking, but this really isn’t the time.

Instead of sitting at home crying into your laptop, plan a night out with the girls.


And if all of those snaps of you looking FIERCE just so happen to find their way onto your profile the next morning, so be it… Ahem. 

8. And so are phones… 


You might get the dreaded finger itch when you embark on your next relationship.

But don’t become that girl who checks his phone while he’s in the bathroom.  

9. At the end of it all, you’ll realise just how strong you really are 


Because as much as it may have hurt at the time, we’ve learnt so much, right? 

And now we know exactly what we DON’T want from our next relationship.