Charlotte Crosby’s Fake Tan Selfie Causes One *Huge* Debate

Eep. Charlotte Crosby’s latest Instagram photo has caused quite a stir.

The Geordie Shore lady, 25, shared a montage of herself testing out fake tan Bondi Sands earlier this week.

While we imagine she was expecting plenty of comments on how the product looked on her skin, we don’t think she expected her, er, chest to cause controversy.

Charlotte Crosby loves a good selfie


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But that’s exactly what happened. Basically, Charlotte had shared before and after pictures of herself semi-naked with a towel over her head.

She’d captioned the image: ‘Before and after using my @bondisands tan, honesty is the best I have ever used. Can pick some up from @bootsuk and @superdrugloves #bondisands #ad #tan.’

It was *this* image that got people talking


In the first image, she could be seen smiling, while in the second she was pouting seductively.

However, there was something else about the second shot that people noticed – the fact that her assets were a little more pronounced.

One follower commented: ‘Boob job?’


Um. We’re pretty sure it would take Char a little longer than the time it takes to fake tan to recover from a breast augmentation…

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Others questioned whether she was trying to make herself look more buxom in the after snap, with messages including: ‘U see on the first picture u cant really see her boobs but on second u can clearly see she is holding her boobs up,’ and: ‘I am saying u should love ur boobs no matter how big or small ur boobs are.’


Crikey. Who knew this could actually be a debate?

Personally, we reckon it’s just the way she happens to be holding the towel. But as one person wrote: ‘Why does it matter if she holds her boobs up or not?’

We have to agree with that one. Looking hot, lady!